Product Name : DODGE ISN BEARING
    Product No : 103
    Product Introduction

    DODGE ISN spherical roller bearing,the only high-capacity double-row
    spherical roller bearing with an effective easy-on, easy-off adapter
    mounting and removal system. Not only does this patented system
    provide a concentric grip for superior holding on the shaft, it ensures
    that the bearing can be mounted and dismounted in less than fifteen
    minutes. Combine these feature with the ISN bearings' superior sealing
    system and compact one-piece, industry-standard dimensioned housing,
    and you have a family of mounted roller bearings which lives up to its name.


    一、 PATENTED SEALING OPTIONSproimages/001/000-000/TRIDENT SEALS.jpg

           An ineffective seal can allow contaminants to enter a bearing, which can cause failure. However, with ISN bearing inserts, there are two exclusive seals for maximum sealing protection. Our proven Trident seals are extremely effective for dirty environments, low-to-medium speeds, and normal ambient conditions. Made of nitrile material, this triple-lip rubbing seal has a low coefficient  of friction, and its seal land maintains full seal contact even when misaligned.


            For higher speeds and harsher ambient conditions, ISN inserts offer labyrinth seals with corrosion-resistant flingers
    and steel clearance seal carriers.




    • Patented ISN "Push/Pull" adapter mounting system
    • Eliminates need for feeler gauges
    • Easy removal
    • Expansion & non-expansion, field convertible
    • Triple lip contact seals for wet or dirty applications
    • Labyrinth non-contact seals for high speed & high temperature applications


    Time Saving Removal and Replacement Design
    Steel cage provides precision roller guidance.
    2) Outer ring riding two-piece guide ring minimizes heat generation.
    3) Tapered seal land maintains full contact when misaligned.
    4) Patented nitrile triple lip seal resists heat & chemical breakdown.
    5) Ease in mounting & dismounting with patented adapter system.
    6) Adapter sleeve improves concentricity and reduces vibration.