Chainex Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1990, has been a most active supplier of power transmission components, sealing elements and handling equipments directly serving to the industries, Thanks to our abundant stock and professional engineers allow us to satisfy the customers with their urgent requirement and submit immediate service. These years, in positively touching with the customers and looking into their problems, we quite understand the ordeal from the maintaining engineers and critical situation that the entrepreneur are suffering nowadays. Therefore, we firmly follow our goal at "Cut the maintaining cost for customer" "Lower material loss for customer" and focus on the products with following virtues.

1. Idealized Power Transmission Components: Need no lubrication, no maintenance, quick, easy installation, shorten shutdown,such as split roller bearing, taper lock pulley, split in-half coupling, drop out spacer coupling, redi-sleeve.

2. High Performance Sealing Elements: Positive sealability, good recovery, leak prevention, contaminat-exclusion, high speed, extreme temperature and pressure, full vacuum, corrosion resistance and thermal cycling,such as non-contact labyrinth seal, cup/cone gland packing and corrugated mated gasket.

3. Safty Handling Equipments: Power saving, time saving, safty, light weight and easy operation, such as hydraulic puller, trolley and synchronous jack.

4. The Intelligent Lubrication System: Variety of lubricants available single-point and multi-point lubrication, environmental safty, lubrication setting possible, user friendly menu-guided operation, NCC(net control center), such as perma CLASSIC/FUTURA, perma STAR VARIO/CONTROL, perma PRO TEC, perma NET, perma ECOSY.

In order to thorough solve the problems from the customers we set up a bi-directional platform and provide the services as below.

1. Catalogue providing

2. Seminar invite

3. Technique offer

4. Products option

5. Site survey

6. Breakdown report

7. Imporvement suggestion

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